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You're going to save up to 40% using Laminate 247 vs the big guys. The prices below don't even include printing costs. You can add another $.03/ per sheet on top of that if you use them! Most of the time, these companies are not prepared to handle a high volume of orders. It's a secondary service that is offered and is shipped out of their location. So it could take an additional week and you'll end up paying more in the long run!

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Benefits of Lamination

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Shields from damage, extending item life.


Strengthens, resists wear, and extends lifespan.


Reduces glare, and enhances visibility, readability

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Prevents aging, maintaining quality by shielding against light, humidity, and pollutants.


Professional appearance of materials, making them polished and visually appealing.


Guards against aging, maintains pristine quality.

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Our Mission

We're on a mission to revolutionize the print and laminating industry. As a local business, we're all about top-notch services at unbeatable prices. We get the frustration with big names like FedEx, UPS, Office Depot, and Staples. They often treat laminating as an afterthought, leading to delays and high costs. With us, you can save up to 40%. We're all about swift, high-volume laminated printing that fits your needs. Our team is dedicated to quick, efficient processing, ensuring you save money and get your orders on time.

Our Vision

We aim to lead the print and laminating industry, redefining efficiency, affordability, and quality. Picture a future where everyone, from individuals to businesses, looks to us for their printing and laminating needs. We're all about using cutting-edge tech and putting you at the center to make the process smoother, ditching unnecessary delays and costs. We're here to offer complete laminating and binding solutions, making sure your materials not only catch the eye but also last. Innovation and your satisfaction are our focus, making us your top choice for laminated flyers and more. We are a small locally owned company that recognized the need for this service as we provide this service to our affiliated companies as well.

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Choose your paper size
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We offer 3 different paper sizes for you to choose from

Choose your weight
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There are 2 different weights for you to choose from.  3mm and 5mm

How fast do you need your order?
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Decide on how fast you need your laminated printed.  We typically allow for 2 days to process your orders.  We do have GUARANTEED RUSH ORDER service available.

Load your file
Step 4

You send your file to us in a pdf format and we will then make sure your design is formatted properly.  We are not proofing your design, spelling or grammar.  This is something you need to handle.  Our goal is to get your order printed and laminated in the fastest most cost effective means possible.

We deliver your order
Step 5

As soon as we received your order it will go into  production.  Our goal is to ensure that your are happy with your order and we have 100% satisfaction.  GUARANTEED!


Customers about Our Service

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Will you help me with my design?

    No sorry we do not do any of the page design or graphics. You need to have your file ready to print before you send it to us. Our goal is to get your order printed and laminated in the fastest most cost effective means possible.

  • Do you do any other kind of laminating?

    No we specialize in laminating standard paper sizes only.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Absolutely! Even though every sheet goes through a quality check before it is sent to you. If you’re not satisfied we will replace or refund your order

  • Do you have a rush order service?

    We recognize that our customers may need to have their project shipped in an urgent manner. We used to be in the same scenario. So we do offer a rush service. However there is a rush order charge that is also applied.

  • Can you match prices?

    There are (4) major laminators in the business that people primarily use for business. That is FedEx, UPS, Office Depot and Staples. They price their laminates by the sheet. It usually ranges from $2.00 - $4.00 each. We will match or beat their prices GUARANTEED!

  • Do you print my file?

    YES! We prefer to print your file to the paper size of your choice, and the printing cost is included in your order. There are exceptions where high volume orders can be shipped to our location just for laminate, but it requires approval ahead of time. Our preferred method is to handle the printing ourselves.

  • Can I get a sample?

    As stated above, if you need a sample before you purchase a high qty order then we will certainly help you out with that. This is for business purposes only. We mainly deal with high volume and have a minimum order qty of 25 sheets. We’re not in the business of low volume personal laminating devices. Please have your file ready and reach out to our staff to arrange that sample laminate for you

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